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Our Services

RV Repair

Service Call fee of $150. This includes travel time to and from within 30 miles.

RV Repair

I specialize in Air Conditioning and Generator Repairs along with various electrical issues. Other repair examples are: water heater repair, furnace, refrigerator, slides, hydraulics, leveling system, etc.

Service Call + $125 hourly rate for service as I work on your unit to repair issues.

Furnace Inspection

Furnace Inspection: Service call + $100

RV A/C Servicing

Servicing your A/C can help extend the life and efficiency of your A/C unit(s).
Service Call +
$150 first unit, $100 each additional unit.

Soft Start Installation on Air Conditioners: Service Call  $150

RV Roof

RV Roof Inspection

Spring & Winter Prep

Slide Seal & Maintenance

It is important to catch a small problem before it becomes a big issue. I check for any sign of damage, leaks, softness, etc. Service Call + $100

Service Call + $150

Slide Seal Treatment:

Service Call + $50

New Owner

New Owner Walk Through

Tank Cleaning

Generator Repair

I walk you through your RV's systems and help guide you to feel confident and knowledgeable on your new purchase.

Service Call + $100

Coming Soon

Service Call + $125 Hourly Labor Fee

If you have a need and don't see it listed, just ask. DISCLOSURE: I do not carry a large quantity of parts. I generally have customer order the part, this actually saves on taxes and mark up for the customer.
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