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"As full-time RVers, we understand the need to stick to schedule and keep rolling.
Let Ashton Advantage get you back on the road."

-Christov & Shawn Ashton

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About Us

After retiring from a career as an Electronic Technician, Christov & Shawn Ashton became full time RVers in April 2022. Christov is a graduate of the National Recreational Vehicle Training Academy (NRVTA) in Athens, Texas. With the knowledge and tools to care for and repair the Ashton RV, his passion grew into a desire to help others with the care and repair of their own RVs. Thus the beginning of The Ashton Advantage.

In my opinion, Christov Ashton is one of the best technicians out there. He is honest, resourceful, and tenacious when it comes to problem solving. When I had an issue with my RV cameras not connecting to my 2021 GMC truck Christov determined that the truck was not able to pickup the signal from the camera, which turned out to be known issue with that model truck. Christov was able to make a modification in order for the truck to be able to connect to my cameras and I’ve had no issues with them since. I’m planning to put an inverter in my RV soon and I will be contacting Christov to do that job for me as well.

- Dan R.

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